- Johnny -

"I'm leaving. Goin' faraway. But when I come back I'll be a better man! This is goodbye!"

Occupation: Bar Host (JoHoNNY'S HEAVEN,
- Midgar Slums
- Costa Del Sol
- Edge
- Mother (died when the Sector 7 Plate
- Father (died when the Sector 7 Plate
- Cousin (died when the Sector 7 Plate

Official appearances:
- Final Fantasy VII
- On the Way to a Smile: Episode Denzel

Original description:
A young man with the outward appearance of a delinquent
and troubled thoughts. Secretly harboring feelings for Tifa,
he went to Seventh Heaven frequently. He lived in the slums
of Sector 7 with his parents until resolving to travel.
En route, he nearly yielded to the temptation of going to the
Honey Bee Inn, but continued traveling until he arrived at
Costa del Sol, where he would begin living with his woman.
Like Cloud, he has a harsh attitude.

At first his mannerisms were only those of a harsh youth,
but because of the love of a woman, he would grow
into a man.

Further information:
Johnny was a young man who lived with his parents in the Sector 7 Slums,
where he would frequently visit 7th Heaven, until he decided to go on a journey.
Not long after the destruction of his former home he came to live with a woman
in Costa Del Sol, to whom he even proposed. Johnny returned to Midgar after
Meteorfall and, inspired by his heroine Tifa, founded his own bar called

- Trivia -

              - Johnny is keeping a dried flower he once got from Aerith
                as a good luck charm.

              "Aerith....... Thanks for the flower and 1 gil.
              I'll treasure this! I'm going to dry it and keep it for good luck."