- Shelke Rui/The Transparent [Colorless] -

"I... It's just I've never actually been "counted on" by anyone before."

- Deepground Soldier, Tsviet
Weapon: EM Sabres
Height: 4'6"/137cm
Birthdate: -, 1991
- Midgar (Deepground)
- Mother (died when Shalua and Shelke
  were very young)
- Shalua, big sister

Official appearances:
- Dirge of Cerberus PlayOnline
- Dirge of Cerberus
- Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII Compilation
- Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Original description:

    - DC -
    Although her appearance is that of a
    10-year-old girl, Shelke is actually a
    member of the Tsviets, an elite
    Deepground unit. Her specialties
    include the ability to dive into virtual
    networks and wield two EM sabers
                        in combat. She is working closely
                        with Azul in the search for Vincent's

Further information:
Shelke, along with her older sister Shalua,
lost her mother when she was very young.
At the age of nine she was kidnapped by
Shinra as a SOLDIER candidate and brought
to Deepground.

In Deepground, she was put through countless
experiments. As a side effect of these she
stopped aging, remaining a child in appearance,
and became dependent on daily infusions of Mako.
The purpose of the experiments was to make her
able to perform Synaptic Net Dives, a direct
communication between a person's mind and an
information network. She also attained the rank
of Tsviet and was given the epithet "Transparent".

Shelke played an important role in the Tsviets'
rebellion against the Restrictors by guiding
and monitoring their chosen soldier, free of
the Deepground control chip, using the SND and
the image of the Deepground soldier Usher.

When Hojo began his plan to awaken Omega,
Shelke was given the task of finding and
assimilating the memory fragments of
Dr. Lucrecia Crescent in order to locate
the Protomateria. As a consequence of this,
Shelke was finally reunited with her sister.
However, their time together was brief, as
Shalua sacrificed herself in order to protect
her little sister. With the help of the
feelings left behind by Shalua, as well as
the support of her newfound comrades,
Shelke was able to wake up from the despair
she had lost herself in during the years
in Deepground. Together with Vincent
Valentine and the WRO, she fought against
Deepground to stop Omega's awakening and
save the world. She also managed to
fulfill Lucrecia's wish to protect

After the battle was over, Shelke began
trying to return to a normal life together
with her friends.

- Shelke's weapon and accessories